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Megan Fox May Result in Death in the Latest Film

Movie fans who want to see Megan Fox's sexual performance in "Transformers 3" are likely to be disappointed. In the previous films, Megan had sexy appearance, wearing low-cut fitted as well as Links of London. Although the particular design has been very noticeable, but the fans are paying closer attention to Megan`s stature.Find Most Superior tiffany engagement rings for Yourself!

Recently, the director welcome openhandedly Megan Fox to come back to play in Transformers 3, who once criticized his dictatorship. Nonetheless, some source said the seemingly generous director Michael Bay was secretly searching for another young actress to replace her as the heroine. It is learned that Megan`s performance would be deleted a lot, what is worse she might die and disappear forever.

The movie Transformer 3 with probable high box office was originally to be put on in 2011 but now the director Michael Bay confirmed that it is to be put on July 1st, 2010 in advance. Outside worries that leading actress Megan Fox will be replaced by scolding the director Michael Bay is a tyrant and eccentric. But the director indicated generously that he welcome her coming back and ensured that she would not be bullied by alien robots.

It is reported that Michael Bay who seems generous is planning to revenge Megan secretly. He will make her disappear forever by letting her die in the latest trailer of 15 minutes. Person in the know said that, Michael Bay, who have single-handedly helped popularize Megan, has been searching for a new actress to replace Megan, but whether she died in the "Transformers III" or not has not been determined, he just took it as an alternative. Director Michael Bay told Megan in advance that she should have mental preparation before taking this film. It's not been long since his promise but the rumor has come out that he has started to look for a young actress to replace Megan. As a result, there are too many topics about them before the movie is on.

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