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Fashionable Jewellery Offers Happiness And Sorrow To The Old

Referred to jewelry, many people will only think of trendy young women or flim stars tricked out in jewels. And market investors often habitually target at the young groups in strong spending power and seldom pay attention to the needs of the elderly. Spice Up Like a Pro: The Ultimate Tutorials to Shopping for tiffany earring The concept of jewelry consumption of most elderly people, in fact, has undergone a change and they require catching up the trends. In the big stores, the fashionable jewelry is placed in a prominent position in the counters: such as irregular geometry, the complicated shape of flowers and stunning metallic luster.

The old seems not to repel jewellery. For example, an old woman over sixty has beening very groomed all the time, showing great interests in wearing jewellery, especially necklace. In her eyes, a suitable jewelry can definitely play a finishing point in upgrading the old temperament. She says, most necklaces which were bought by herself are pearls and full golden necklace, and their style all are simple and traditional. She felt, now K gold, platinum and other jewelry popular in the jewelry market and occupy a large market share. Maybe because their target consumer group is young people so that the design of the jewelry is more stylish and novel. She never bought her own jewelry but she like enjoying the counter of the market.

Her opinions of fashion jewelry are sufficient to represent those of a large part of old people, but few old consumers ever ventured into trying popular elements It seems that design fashion jewelry actually make those elderly people with a heart of love beauty have mixed feelings and ambivalence. Young people value the process and design of jewelry while the elderly more concerned about its value function and emotional connotations. Rubies, sapphires and jade jewelry are often favored by the elderly people, and some old "gentlemen" like wearing a jade plate around the waist,which is retro and stylish. Importance should be attached to emotional connotation for jewelry designers and manufacturers as well as more digging up the special needs of the elderly.

As a child, you can choose a suitable jewelry for your parents as a birthday gift. I believe a birthday gift shows both fashion and a very kind intention. How many people will buy a jewelry of symbolizing longevity on the elderly's 60th or 70th birthday?

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