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Pandora Jewellery The History & Current Situation of

Founded by Denmark jewelry craftsman Per Enevoldsen in 1979, brand Pandora swept all over the world from then on. What is the Best For this Year? Blue pandora jewellery Absolutely! He said that I have never expected that Pandora can hit the world today. One reason is that we are always concerned about the new design and quality of the products, to our surprise is that the success is approaching us without any sight.

Since 1982, the couple often imported jewelry from Thailand for retail, after a long time wholesale business activities. After experiencing a variety of management and a steady increase in production and sales, in 1987, the couple decided to build their own factory to manufacture jewelry in Thailand. In 1989, he set up a small factory in Bangkok and employed 10 workers to begin manufacturing his designed products in Thailand.

In 1999, the magic Pandora bracelet that was patented and designed by him and sold in the Denmark market, which became popular quickly around the whole Euro. The bracelet has been achieved the buckle system of patent, the wearer can adjust by themselves. It is very comfortable to wear and personalized. Consumers accept quickly the idea of Pandora, while Pandora has also been gradually developed with the growth in demand in overseas markets. Today, Pandora's ornaments sell well in eighteen countries and it becomes a world-class brand because of its large turnover. Over the past 25 years, Pandora has developed from a two-man small business into a group.With its headquater located in Copenhagen,Pandora has a sevice group of over one hundred people in North America and over 1,000 workers in the factory of Thailand.

After experiencing incredible growth, Pandora also faces bottlenecks in the development and unprecedented difficulties. Denmark's largest private acquisition of common stock fund Axcel purchased 60% shares of Denmark Pandora. Per 和Winnie Enevoldsen, the founders of Pandora, still hold shares, and Per is still in charge of the production in Thailand. Per Enevoldsen lives in Bangkok at present, and manage two factories which have more than 1600 workers. As a part of Pandora Holdings A/S, the producing factories established in Bangkok also be took over and will receive extending, which will break the dilemma of requirements of increasing.

Founded in 1994, Axcel is a capital investment partnership which aims to bring the resources and stability for the company to help them implement the development strategy. The company currently have investments in different areas of 15 companies. These investments include the famous Danish porcelain brand, Royal Copenhagen. Now the company has more than one billion of manage funds. The purchase of Pandora Holdings A / S reflects parts of management strategies of an international brand.

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