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Concealed Luxury of Christofle Jewellery

Christofle, European top brand of custom-made silver wares was founded in 1830, which was considered as supplier of European royal families in Europe. Over the years, this brand is always famous for its luxury details and great quality. The tableware, household utensils, chinaware and crystal articles, all display its unique jewellery uk Boots Before Mid-summer Day

Meanwhile, Christofle also produced a number of well designed jewelry. Its pure hand-made, high-level customization with limited editions features add each work a high collection value, and are regarded as treasures by many art lovers and collectors.

King Louis-Philippe of France the first famous customer of Christofle. King of Mexico Maximilian, Turkey Sudan Abdul Aziz, Bill Gates, Tom Cruise are all deeply fond of Christofle.

The founder-Charles Christofle started his business in 1830 by Jeweler. At the beginning, he set "Only one quality, the very best" as the brand motto which is unchanged for nearly two centuries. From the beginning, Christofle has paid special attention to the connection with famous artists all over the world. This is one of the reasons why it always leads the fashion in every time.

In 2009, Christofle launched a new autumn and winter accessories which are co-designed by the famous artists Adeline Cacheux and Nathalie Jean co-design. This jewelry shows the nature and grace of the silver accessories in a whole, and also has its consistent luxurious temperament at the same time. What they present are equal emphasis on both fashion and elegance, and the integration of classic style and creativity is believed to bring a touch of sparkle luxury in a low-key way.

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