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The Unusual Story On Pandora

This is a Greek mythology. A long time ago, human had no fire, so people ate raw food and were fear of cold, which lived in the midst of darkness. Deva Prometheus and his younger brother Epmetheus had mercy on mankind. They stolen tinder from the sun god Apollo regardless of Zeus's ban and gave it to humanity. After that humans learned how to to use fire. Since then, human world were warm, every body lived peacefully with each other. The life was happy. Zeus was angry to know this and decided to let the disaster reach the human and co Boots Before April Fools' Day

He commanded his son the Fire God Hephaestus made a woman by earth named Pandora, meaning the person endowed all advantages. Every god gifted her the merit to make her perfect. Aphrodite gave her beauty, Hermes gave her strong word ability, Apollo gave her music talent. Zeus gave Pandora a sealed jar full of scourge, disasters and plagues, and he let her send it to the man who would marry her. Zeus sent the lady to the earth,People met with the unmatched beautiful woman,were very surprised and admired endless. Because humanity had never been such a woman.

Pandora began to seek for Later Comer, Epimetheus, younger brother of Prometheus immediately. Epimetheus was honest and kind.Prometheus was deeply convinced that Zeus was hostile to human and warned his younger brother, Epimetheus, not to accpet the present from Zeus. But Epimetheus did not listen to the admonition and married beautiful Pandora. Pandora held her present which was a sealed big box. As she walks near to Epimetheu, she curiously opened the box.

Epimetheus had no time to see what the gift inside the box was, and then a flush of black smoke disastrous to human beings flew quickly out of box. Black smoke is full of disease, madness, disaster, evil, jealousy, adultery, theft, greed and other kinds of scourge of the rapid land scattered to the earth. The Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, in order to save the destiny of mankind quietly put a beautiful thing on the bottom of the box, which was "hope". But before 'hope'flew out of the box, Pandora shutput the box . Therefore, the earth is full of a variety of disasters.

It is said that out of curiosity, Pandora opened the box again! Some say: all the scourge were flying out of the box, and they spread all over the earth, but thanks 'hope' in our hands, so that we can bear this unfortunate life. Someone said, what flew out from box were all happiness, which escaped fast, and the hopes remained in our hands were just hollow phantoms. In fact, the box stands for disaster and evil! It was often treated as the roots of disaster and misfortune.

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