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Trendy Ornaments Adds Beauty To You

How to wear jewelry is an art. Be More Photogenic in pandora This kind of art bring people's life a broad range of delights and colors. It can edow people with sharply times sense and give peiople a sprit enjoyment: It can enrich the content of life and create the beauty of harmony. You must consider your gender, age, appearance, hair style, dress up, career and occasions.

It is hard for the vibrant unmarried girls to establish their own styles as changeable styles are extremely suits to them. So the fashion new style jewelry should be always with you. But there is one principle: Don't wear jewel on the body part which you think is congenitally bad condition, otherwise it would enlarge the weakness. Exaggerating man-made jewelry, emulational jewelry and the colorful gold jewelry with strong times sense are your top choice. However, on the formal occasions, if you have the conditions, you had better not miss the traditional jewelry. Young married women who have babies should outstand their mature aesthetic. Altough their figures might be fixed, but the jewelry can add your charm. Only expressing sexual charm by wearing jewelry fit the mature you. Expensive jewelry is you first choice, but you can also try some ancessories full of children's interest. If you are over sixty, it is the best to select the dignified and elegant top grade jewelry, which displays the beauty of exquisiteness and wisdom in addition to nobleness.

Different dresses, different hair styles, different clothes should match different jewelries. If the hair style is fresh the jewelry should fashion. You have to notice the accordance of jewelry and clothes material, color and style, when you match jewelry with your clothes. The people who wears V-neck suit or suits, as the neck fully exposed, can use some thick gold chain to match with it.

Different personalities require different style of jewelries. Exquisite and personalized jewelries can help you express your taste and unique properly. Appropriate choice and skillful wear can make you shiny and different; inappropriate choice, on the contrary, can overshoot the mark and destroy your overall image.

Nowadays, nearly every people especially woman owns several pattern of jewelries. Thus we have to make a right choose of which one we should wear according to different occasions. In working occasion, you`d better simple ornaments. For instance, the perfect match of one delicate necklace and one pedant, or one simple ring will make you look simpler. You can be particular to the taste on small parties to wear some brilliant jewelry. Such as the large brooch and platinum gold ornaments, and these ornaments will make you become more charming due to the lightening of the lights. For business negotiation, decency should be put in the first place, as decent appearance can enable you to be trusted more. At this time, only a necklace or a brooch for the formal dress is enough.

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Dramatic Ways in Letting Necklaces Display Your Extraordinary Quality

The necklace finds itself under the chin and on the chest, which is the most obvious place on the human body. What's the Best Gift Ideas This Year? Attractive tiffany & co !Therefore, in people's mind, necklace is at the very core of the three pieces. Speaking of the three pieces, they refer to the necklace, ring and earrings in the jewelry.Adorning the necklace must pay attention to the style in right path, size in appropriate so that it can show the temperament, personality, self-cultivation and charm of wearers.

Some experts think that normally the purpose of young women to adorn necklace is to add the youthful beauty and scenery of temperament, suitably adorning more delicate non-precious stones platium stones, silever necklace, etc.

Besides decorating physical beauty, middle aged and elderly women wear necklaces to show maturation and reflect elegance, so they are better to wear thicker necklaces rather than slim ones.

For the average person, from a visual point of view, a short necklace can make people feel the face widened and neck thicker.So those women with longer faces or necks are better look in short necklaces.

The women who are square face, short neck, should wear a litter longer necklace, wearing a shirt whose collar is larger and lower to match it, in order to make the necklace exposed, increasing the sense of beauty.

The colorful jewelry necklace is crystal and luxurious has a strong decorative effect.It is quality not quantity that matters in wearing jewelry ornaments.With too much jewelry one can't attract other's attention by shining jewelry but it may fail people with a feeling of debasement on the contrary.

Take care not to select those materials manufactured in a rough way whose quality is in low gear, and technological level is not high, but should choose excellent goods which are fin-textured and have good technological level.Real jewelry can bring you top luxury favor and fully display your elegance and nobleness, about which replica ones can never satisfy your unique tastes and preferences and achieve your desired effects. Therefore, wearing genuine jewelry you will be the shiniest among your peers.

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London Links - Shining Only for You

This season, Links of London's designer inspires from the oriental elements, and combines comtemporary top technique with fashion design bringing the same glittery, pleasant and free beauty for you. Modern women`s watchword [A girl will do herself for herself" is little different with [A girl will doll herself up for him who loves her," in terms of form, but the position of women changes from being passive to being active, and reveal the persistence and independence after success of the career naturally. It shows that the female are elaborately build their beauty and self-confidence while pursuing life taste and life quality.Jennifer Aniston Present You Favorable Tutorials to Handle thomas sabo bracelets

"A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl s best friend", Marilyn Monroe sang in How to Marry a Millionaire. The charm of the splendid shining from Link of London touches countless women's hearts. The designer of Links of London believes that jewelry can`t shine itself but can reflect happiness of girls` deep heart.

The art is aimed for exploring and expressing the artist himself while the design is aimed for exploring and expressing others. Links of London's designers inject their sensations into accessaries as well as explore and refine the pretty quality of women's inner hearts. Besides Linds of London melt the oriental beauty of women such as softness and grace and elegancy into every jewelry. Wearing jewelries is not the means of showing off magnificence any more,but the different beauty of life given by the rich and deep meaning.

Maybe what you need is no longer a pack of Tarot for that Lind of London brings you glamour and shock whenever you are walking or in a silence. For life is so short, every girl hopes to be more beautiful, more shining in their deep heart, which isn`t for others but themselves.

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A Billboard in Appealing Ring

One of my favorite activities is to shop in small markets where lots of bargains can be purchased. I can buy a number of useful stuff of unexpectedly low price which makes this moving a big pleasure to me. At nearly every weekend, my boyfriend Michael goes out with me as my hero by car to see every point of sale.5 Hot links of london sale Mode in 2010 Spring

I would never forget that day: Saturday, 19th June. There were clouds flowing in the sky and breeze comfortably brushing my cheek. As usual, we began our journey in the early morning. He drove the car, while I enjoyed the beautiful scenes outside the car window, paying attention to the small markets with on-sale board and billboard along the road. On that way, driving and taking a rest, we spent the whole forenoon in a leisurely manner.

When we are arriving home, suddenly I found there was a huge billboard at the road with a sparkling ring hanging on it, and some huge words in red paint beside the ring, saying" Jenny, will you marry me?" The ad board flashed away from the car. I sincerely admired the man who had the courage to make the ad. He was really great. The beloved Jenny was really a lucky woman.

Suddenly I realized something and sat upright: "Michael, is the Jenny me?"

"Of course she is," he answered as if nothing happened, "Would you?"

"Yes! I do." I answered excitedly even without thinking. What a shame! He immediately took out a piece of glamorous tiffany ring from a light blue box in his pocket and put on the ring for me.

"The ring on that brand is given to whom?"I asked with rear realization.

" That is just the copy of the ring!" He smiled, so wicked.

We pulled the car back and dropped off the lucky board with a ring on it. We got married that year. The billboard and the ring that witnessed our love have been collected by me until now.

7.7.10 03:56

Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart Collection Revealed

It seems that raven is the most intelligent birds in the world, however it always unexpected and mysterious. Attention! pandora jewelry May Cause Scrape to You As one of the few wild elements of country views, only they could bring us from 21st century concrete jungle to ancient village. If you go to London Tower, you will not miss the crows which feed by specially-assigned person, it is said that if crows fly away, London Tower will be collapsed.

Thomas Sabo pay tribute to the well-known horror mystery novels writer and poet 19th century mystery, select their strange literature poem melt into a variety of Silver pendant. They have become design themes, from the mysterious crow, feather, ancient noble totem, the body of snake, to the rustling autumn leaf, retro turntables and a pistol. Except agate and black zircon`s black color, big Purple zircon with a bright color, carnelian and citrine further its gorgeous and mysterious sentiment.

This series is modeled from his famous poem "The Raven" as if from the romantic poet's by handwriting, will be symbolized by a raven`s intellectual and rational, which permeates the air of the theater. Thomas Sabo pedant this season took a gate as the design concept, it represented that we have opened the door leading to the aristocratic world for you. Let you stay in the magnificent crow group and rich colors of royal family. Inside you can encouter the ball which representative the royal power, and the lily badge of the ancient French royal family.

Thomas Sabo best illustrate the three vital elements of mystery, legend and drama in a adventurous way. The whole series including rings and pendants are ornamented with black zircon with pure silver. The shapes create a cold feeling. Also on the visual sense, it also played a comparison effect of light and darkness to echo with the mystery and blurred plots created in the book of the novelist. This new series brought ladies and gentlemen poetic and gorgeous surprise, full of mystery and personality.

The pendant series has given the incomprehensible and legendary feelings, reflecting the rock flavor in Thomas Sabo. The core design of the series is a crow adopted black-plated Sterling Silver and decorated with black zircons, one of the editions is lively show a crow rest on a rock-shaped crystal. According to legend, the meteor will become into zircon after crash. Together with the original mysterious crow, this series of pendant must allow you to distribute charming temperament. The free open gorgeous ball surrounded by black zircon and perfected ended with the Door of the Wing also decorated with black zircon.

There is also jean chain which is 925 sterling silver in the latest series. One side could be clipped to jeans and the other side could be clipped to keys or purses. It can demonstrate peculiar style.

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The Sound Secrets of Preserving Brilliant Jewellery

First, jewelry don't like the caress. Mary-Kate Olsen Keep an Eye on pandora beads

We excrete sweat and oiliness on the surface of our skins. And hands are often stained with oiliness because we often use hands to touch the body.The oiliness on the hands will be left on them easily when touching the jewelries, which influences the gloss and brightness of the jewelries.

Besides, jewelry also needs to take a holiday.

Jewelry also need a vacation! For example, it is best to remove the ring while washing hands, for the soap can easily stuck in the slits of the ring, affecting the gloss and brightness of the jewelry seriously.Other ornaments need to be taken off as well while bathing,doing housework and swimming, because they are easily to knocking against something or even be out of shape under these circumstances.

In addition, do not de impatient when wearing jewelries.

Nowadays many jewelry have diamond or crystal studded, and the Claw Setting is still the most popular method, but the wearing order should be paid attention to.Generally seaking, the wear sequence of ornaments is dress up before arming with the ornaments.As we may think, if we firstly take on paw embed single diamond ring before putting on clothes and wearing stockings, in the case of clothes, stockings and jewelries, isn`t it a dangerous work?

Finally, ingenious uses of the jewelry bag.

You may already have many painful experiences of losing jewelry!For example, you put off jewel when washing hands. But it drops on the ground or slides to waterspout, or you just leave it on the washing platform.

In fact, you need only one more action to avoid these tragedies.When you buy the jewelries, jewelry store will present you a small casket to contain them.However, after taking out the jewelry many people put aside the box in the drawer and make no use of it. As a matter of fact, the small box is miniature sized and easy to carry.When wash hands outside, you can take your ring off and put it into the jewelry box without extra trouble. If form this habit,the probability of lossing the ring will be greatly decreased.

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Miss Universe Who Wears Tiffany Bracelets Appears in Awarding Ceremony

The result of Miss Universe 2009, the 58th Miss Universe pageant came out. Expert shopping Tutorials: tiffany silvers StefanSurprisingly, the last queen, Dayana Mendoza is also Venezuelan, which breaks the record since there is never a country who wins the queen in succession.

This session of the beauty contest was held at Resort Paradise Island in the Bahamas Atlantis.Beauties coming from 83 countries and regions tried their best to display their unique charm. Major media including BBC and Telemundo made live broadcast for this grant event.After fierce competition and hard choice, the first prize was taken by the young girl Stefania Fernandez coming from Venezuela.And Dayana Mendoza, last queen of Miss Universe, wore crown for her fellow Stefania Fernandez on the award ceremony.

Stefania Fernandez was wearing the shiny crown, very matching with Tiffany bracelets in her hand.It seems that Tiffany is tailor-made for her and fit for her disposition.

Although she was very excited for getting the title, she acted so calmly and decently that she was seemed more than 19 years old.She did nothing but expressed her appreciation to all people who support her and enjoyed the applause and compliments from the public quietly.

Let us have good wish to this 19-year-old girl for having a amazing and good future.

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