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A Billboard in Appealing Ring

One of my favorite activities is to shop in small markets where lots of bargains can be purchased. I can buy a number of useful stuff of unexpectedly low price which makes this moving a big pleasure to me. At nearly every weekend, my boyfriend Michael goes out with me as my hero by car to see every point of sale.5 Hot links of london sale Mode in 2010 Spring

I would never forget that day: Saturday, 19th June. There were clouds flowing in the sky and breeze comfortably brushing my cheek. As usual, we began our journey in the early morning. He drove the car, while I enjoyed the beautiful scenes outside the car window, paying attention to the small markets with on-sale board and billboard along the road. On that way, driving and taking a rest, we spent the whole forenoon in a leisurely manner.

When we are arriving home, suddenly I found there was a huge billboard at the road with a sparkling ring hanging on it, and some huge words in red paint beside the ring, saying" Jenny, will you marry me?" The ad board flashed away from the car. I sincerely admired the man who had the courage to make the ad. He was really great. The beloved Jenny was really a lucky woman.

Suddenly I realized something and sat upright: "Michael, is the Jenny me?"

"Of course she is," he answered as if nothing happened, "Would you?"

"Yes! I do." I answered excitedly even without thinking. What a shame! He immediately took out a piece of glamorous tiffany ring from a light blue box in his pocket and put on the ring for me.

"The ring on that brand is given to whom?"I asked with rear realization.

" That is just the copy of the ring!" He smiled, so wicked.

We pulled the car back and dropped off the lucky board with a ring on it. We got married that year. The billboard and the ring that witnessed our love have been collected by me until now.

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