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Thomas Sabo Rebel at Heart Collection Revealed

It seems that raven is the most intelligent birds in the world, however it always unexpected and mysterious. Attention! pandora jewelry May Cause Scrape to You As one of the few wild elements of country views, only they could bring us from 21st century concrete jungle to ancient village. If you go to London Tower, you will not miss the crows which feed by specially-assigned person, it is said that if crows fly away, London Tower will be collapsed.

Thomas Sabo pay tribute to the well-known horror mystery novels writer and poet 19th century mystery, select their strange literature poem melt into a variety of Silver pendant. They have become design themes, from the mysterious crow, feather, ancient noble totem, the body of snake, to the rustling autumn leaf, retro turntables and a pistol. Except agate and black zircon`s black color, big Purple zircon with a bright color, carnelian and citrine further its gorgeous and mysterious sentiment.

This series is modeled from his famous poem "The Raven" as if from the romantic poet's by handwriting, will be symbolized by a raven`s intellectual and rational, which permeates the air of the theater. Thomas Sabo pedant this season took a gate as the design concept, it represented that we have opened the door leading to the aristocratic world for you. Let you stay in the magnificent crow group and rich colors of royal family. Inside you can encouter the ball which representative the royal power, and the lily badge of the ancient French royal family.

Thomas Sabo best illustrate the three vital elements of mystery, legend and drama in a adventurous way. The whole series including rings and pendants are ornamented with black zircon with pure silver. The shapes create a cold feeling. Also on the visual sense, it also played a comparison effect of light and darkness to echo with the mystery and blurred plots created in the book of the novelist. This new series brought ladies and gentlemen poetic and gorgeous surprise, full of mystery and personality.

The pendant series has given the incomprehensible and legendary feelings, reflecting the rock flavor in Thomas Sabo. The core design of the series is a crow adopted black-plated Sterling Silver and decorated with black zircons, one of the editions is lively show a crow rest on a rock-shaped crystal. According to legend, the meteor will become into zircon after crash. Together with the original mysterious crow, this series of pendant must allow you to distribute charming temperament. The free open gorgeous ball surrounded by black zircon and perfected ended with the Door of the Wing also decorated with black zircon.

There is also jean chain which is 925 sterling silver in the latest series. One side could be clipped to jeans and the other side could be clipped to keys or purses. It can demonstrate peculiar style.

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