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The Sound Secrets of Preserving Brilliant Jewellery

First, jewelry don't like the caress. Mary-Kate Olsen Keep an Eye on pandora beads

We excrete sweat and oiliness on the surface of our skins. And hands are often stained with oiliness because we often use hands to touch the body.The oiliness on the hands will be left on them easily when touching the jewelries, which influences the gloss and brightness of the jewelries.

Besides, jewelry also needs to take a holiday.

Jewelry also need a vacation! For example, it is best to remove the ring while washing hands, for the soap can easily stuck in the slits of the ring, affecting the gloss and brightness of the jewelry seriously.Other ornaments need to be taken off as well while bathing,doing housework and swimming, because they are easily to knocking against something or even be out of shape under these circumstances.

In addition, do not de impatient when wearing jewelries.

Nowadays many jewelry have diamond or crystal studded, and the Claw Setting is still the most popular method, but the wearing order should be paid attention to.Generally seaking, the wear sequence of ornaments is dress up before arming with the ornaments.As we may think, if we firstly take on paw embed single diamond ring before putting on clothes and wearing stockings, in the case of clothes, stockings and jewelries, isn`t it a dangerous work?

Finally, ingenious uses of the jewelry bag.

You may already have many painful experiences of losing jewelry!For example, you put off jewel when washing hands. But it drops on the ground or slides to waterspout, or you just leave it on the washing platform.

In fact, you need only one more action to avoid these tragedies.When you buy the jewelries, jewelry store will present you a small casket to contain them.However, after taking out the jewelry many people put aside the box in the drawer and make no use of it. As a matter of fact, the small box is miniature sized and easy to carry.When wash hands outside, you can take your ring off and put it into the jewelry box without extra trouble. If form this habit,the probability of lossing the ring will be greatly decreased.

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