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Miss Universe Who Wears Tiffany Bracelets Appears in Awarding Ceremony

The result of Miss Universe 2009, the 58th Miss Universe pageant came out. Expert shopping Tutorials: tiffany silvers StefanSurprisingly, the last queen, Dayana Mendoza is also Venezuelan, which breaks the record since there is never a country who wins the queen in succession.

This session of the beauty contest was held at Resort Paradise Island in the Bahamas Atlantis.Beauties coming from 83 countries and regions tried their best to display their unique charm. Major media including BBC and Telemundo made live broadcast for this grant event.After fierce competition and hard choice, the first prize was taken by the young girl Stefania Fernandez coming from Venezuela.And Dayana Mendoza, last queen of Miss Universe, wore crown for her fellow Stefania Fernandez on the award ceremony.

Stefania Fernandez was wearing the shiny crown, very matching with Tiffany bracelets in her hand.It seems that Tiffany is tailor-made for her and fit for her disposition.

Although she was very excited for getting the title, she acted so calmly and decently that she was seemed more than 19 years old.She did nothing but expressed her appreciation to all people who support her and enjoyed the applause and compliments from the public quietly.

Let us have good wish to this 19-year-old girl for having a amazing and good future.

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